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We are proud to have such a strong portfolio of innovative brands. In addition to Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard entrusted The Absolut Company with the global management of bothMalibu and Kahlúa in 2009. The focus on innovation has generated several product developments since then as well as the two entirely new brands, Absolut Elyx and Our/Vodka, built solely from our own passionate intrapreneurs..

Our head office in Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm employs 200 people, who handle all strategic brand management and innovation for our portfolio. The Absolut Company also employs staff in Canada and the United States. Together, we strive for innovation in everything we do.Just like in the early days, Absolut Vodka is still produced in the small town of Åhus, where the company has 300 employees. From that single source, 99 percent of all Absolut Vodka is then sold abroad, making it Sweden's single largest export product in the food category.
The Absolut Company is one of six brand companies within Pernod Ricard. The brand companies manufacture and develop products, and define the global marketing strategy, while the market companies adapt their strategy for the local markets. Pernod Ricard’s extensive distribution network entails 80 market companies covering more than 150 markets worldwide. Brand companies and market companies both report to Pernod Ricard Holding, a listed private equity company that is responsible for the overall strategy of the group and is headquartered in Paris. So in essence, the word “glocal” fits pretty nicely to our company.

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